Top 3 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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As you build your winter wardrobe, I encourage you to take into consideration your lifestyle and personal needs. I spend most days at home, so my own winter wardrobe essentials are heavier on casual wear and lighter on dressier styles, but I still try to make sure I have clothes for any occasion that might crop up, so I’m not scrambling when I get a last minute invite.

Here are the top 3 essentials you need to update for your winter wardrobe:

1. Handbags

Evan & Jane not only has a wide variety of every size, color, price point, and style, but all of our bags are well made, sturdy, chic, and sure to last you a very long time.


Violette Clutch in Rose Gold  Rowan Black Bucket Bag

Pictured: Violette Clutch in Rose Gold; Rowan Black Bucket Bag

Go for a classic option you can wear with anything or a statement piece that will instantly take an everyday outfit to street style level. (Never overthink whether or not it’s worth it to buy that rose gold clutch – trust me, it will be.)

2. Shoes

The shoes you wear can change your entire look. Take jeans and a sweater, for example–the essential winter outfit formula. Wear a pair of smart loafers or knee-high boots and you’re ready for work; throw on high heels and you’re fancy enough for date night; or, when you’re really feeling stylish, a pair of chic leopard-print booties that simultaneously show your personality and completely change your outfit–yeah, shoes are that powerful. Give your snow boots a break with weather-appropriate shoes in eye-catching patterns, prints, and styles.

I like both knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots, and I try to have some that are more casual and others for dressier looks. For winter, remember that suede isn’t durable in wet weather. Leather will be much more versatile if you live in a climate that gets much rain and snow unless you buy suede that is weatherproof.


Giselle Black Faux Suede Over the Knee Boots

Pictured: Giselle Black Faux Suede Over the Knee Boots

These aren’t as practical as the boots, but suede and velvet pumps are trending this year, and I love to wear heels with jeans and a cute sweater to go out to dinner as long as the weather isn’t too rainy. A stiletto is always in style, but right now the rounded toe/block heel is trending, which is fantastic because they’re much more practical and easy to walk in.


Erin Yellow Suede High Heel Sandals Jasmine Heels in Blush Suede Elsi Black Nubuck Ankle Strap Heels 

Pictured: Erin Yellow Suede Heel Sandals; Jasmine Heels in Blush SuedeElsi Black Nubuck Ankle Strap Heels

While my ankle boots tend to take a backseat to my tall boots during the colder months, there’s still a place for ankle boots in the wintertime. They keep your feet out of the mud and the muck, and you can wear them with just about every style of jeans and pants.


Shelby Suede Ankle Booties Shelby Suede Ankle Booties Shelby Suede Ankle Booties

Pictured: Shelby Suede Ankle Booties

3. Winter Accessories

Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that’s warm and sunny year-round, winter accessories aren’t just for style, they’re a necessity. But that doesn’t mean an essential can’t also be really chic! Opt for an in-style beanie in knit material and fur, or a pretty cashmere scarf that matches your coat–the cozier, the better! You’ll stay warm and look darn good doing it.

Blanket scarves are on their way out, but more traditional scarves are here to stay. I, for one, am pleased about this! The big blanket scarf draped over the front kerchief-style really isn’t that practical, but I am all for wrapping a long, cozy scarf around my neck when I’m outside. Infinity scarves are even easier still, and they take all guesswork out of styling.


Alexandra Waffle Knit Slouch Beanie  Augusta Cable Knit Fur Pom Beanie

Pictured: Alexandra Waffle Knit Slouch Beanie; Pointelle Fringe Infinity Scarf; Augusta Cable Knit Fur Pom Beanie

I love it when a trend is as practical as it is cute. How I lived my whole life without wearing hats in the wintertime is beyond me. I wore a few of the pompom beanies last year, and they’re still trending. Another popular hat trend is the newsboy hat, and I still see a lot of fashion bloggers wearing the floppy wool hats, but I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull off either of those looks. If you are, then definitely consider adding one to your winter wardrobe.

How do you switch up your wardrobe for the winter season?

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