Happy New You, Revamp Yourself

Don’t feel new this New Year?
Bored of repeating the same old outfits time and again? Before you get tired of your old self, consider changing how you look in the mirror. Revamp your wardrobe this New Year and have a fresh start - literally! Your wardrobe should complement you in every way. It should scream YOU.

The Must Haves
You don’t need a stylist to tell you who you are. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Your wardrobe should exude versatility this New Year. Don’t shy away from certain styles due to wondering: ‘What will people say?’. From dresses and ponchos to crop tops and skinny jeans. Slash away the facades and STOP trying to please people, that's so 2018.

The Bottom Line
The perfect bottoms pave your way to a fashion statement!

Turn it up a notch with these high-waisted jeans that can be paired with so many tops.

Essence High Rise Medium Wash Skinny Jeans
Pictured: Essence High Rise Medium Wash Skinny Jeans

Or dazzle every last one, by opting for a skirt or a pair shorts. Opt for bold colors to brighten the mood.

Top it Up
Nothing beats a jaw-dropping crop top.

Lovely Crop Top
Pictured: Lovely Crop Top

Put on a cozy poncho for a breezy day out or turn the heat up with the Wild Fire Wrap.

Wild Fire Wrap
Pictured: Wild Fire Wrap

2019 = the year you don’t hold yourself back. Release your inner heartthrob!

Suited to 2019
Who says dresses are just for formal occasions? Add contemporary dresses to your wardrobe suitable for any occasion, from picnics to Sunday brunches. Fancy something with stripes?

Journey Lace-Up Dress
Pictured: Journey Lace-Up Dress

Swimsuits and playsuits are a must have if you're already preparing to rock your summer.

Striped Backless One-Piece Swimsuit

The perfect outfit is no good without proper accessories. They augment your persona. The right accessories scream that you're put-together and are to be taken seriously. If you want to carry your belongings in style, a versatile purse is the perfect way to accessorize.

For an ensemble made perfect, check out our accessories range.

Don’t forget to grab a pair of trendy shoes as well. Isn’t this pair heavenly?

Deanna Apricot Patent Ankle Strap Heels
Pictured: Deanna Apricot Patent Ankle Strap Heels

HO-HO Holidays
Holidays are a high time to shine. Fuzzy sweaters will not only look adorable but will save you from the cold of harsh winters. Don’t let the low temperature lower your holiday spirit!

The holiday season is the best time to snuggle in with your friends and family. So, grab a hot cocoa and reconnect with your loved ones.

The Night Drive Sweater would make the perfect gift.

Night Drive Sweater

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