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10 Styling Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

10 Styling Tips Every Girl Needs to Know
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TIP ONE: Accessorize.

Take a pretty basic outfit, e.g., a plain T-shirt and jeans (what could be more simple than that?). You'd be surprised at what accessorizing can do to this outfit. Stacked necklaces look amazing against white T-shirts. Our favorite accessories of all time are watches so also add a watch and some earrings as well. A basic outfit will instantly become a not-so-basic outfit by just adding some stacked necklaces, some earrings, and a wristwatch.


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TIP TWO: Own a strapless bra.

Every girl should own a strapless bra. I know it's trendy nowadays to just ditch the bra as a whole, but for the gals that find that risky, a strapless bra will do. It's needed for off-the-shoulder tops, dresses and those teeny little tank tops that I like to wear in the summer. Visible bra straps are a big no-no. I used to think I could get away with just tucking them in but trust me - they always sneak their way back up, and it just looks really tacky. I even used to tuck the entire strap in the sides of the shirt but if you do that you have to worry about the bra slipping off all day and also it creates these little bumps that don't look that appealing.

TIP THREE: Tuck in your shirt.

My favorite styling tip would have to be tucking in your shirt. I feel like it's an easy fix to an outfit that needs a little more structure. Sometimes an untucked shirt is just too laid back and looks as though you didn't put much thought into your outfit. But by tucking it in you’ll look a lot more put together, and it’ll actually seem like you made some effort in the morning.

TIP FOUR: Own seamless underwear.

Panty lines are a big no-no. You should always own seamless underwear - come on!


TIP FIVE: Pants should be shoe height.

Always make sure your pants are shoe height because when they're too long, they'll look sloppy and ill-fitting. A quick and easy fix is just to cuff the bottom of the pants; you can even make them a little cropped. Et voila! Of course, this is just a temporary fix, but you can always take a pair of scissors and hack off the excess material yourself or take your pants to a tailor. Just make sure that before making any alterations you throw the pants in the washer at least twice because pants tend to shrink in length after a few washes.

TIP SIX: Wear heels.

Although #ejbabes are the kind of gals who really like their sneakers and their tennis shoes, you can look way more put together just by throwing on a pair of heels. I love to go for a classic minimal type of heel. Even better = a block heel, so they're super easy to walk in. The Jada Two Part Low Sandals are the perfect pair for any outfit!

TIP SEVEN: Wear red lipstick.

A secret to looking like a boss lady is wearing red lipstick, especially if you're wearing something like a basic black dress, it adds a nice pop of color.

TIP EIGHT: Go for a high waist.

It's all about high-waisted bottoms. They make your legs look super long and visually add about another four inches. Who doesn't like to look tall, right? Also, they accentuate the smallest part of your waist which is super flattering on all body types.

TIP NINE: Pair loose pieces with tight ones.

I love oversized tops, but please remind me never to wear them with loose bottoms, it looks super slouchy. It doesn't look presentable at all. Pairing loose items with tight ones is a simple way to balance out an outfit. When it comes to oversized tees, swap out loose or baggy pants for some skinny jeans. It may not be an outfit for you to wear to an interview or anything but you'll at least look presentable day-to-day in what is still a pretty cute casual outfit.

TIP TEN: The Neck Method

Here's a neat little trick that will come in handy if you're ever at a shop and they don't have a fitting room, or you're just too lazy to go to the fitting room. It's called the Neck Method: a quick way to see if jeans fit without (or before) trying them on. Place the waistline of the jeans around your neck. If the waistline comfortably meets at the back of your neck, then the jeans will fit.


Which tip did you find most helpful? Comment below with your top style tips.


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