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Autumn Trends You Can Wear Everyday / Fall 2018

Autumn Trends You Can Wear Everyday / Fall 2018
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Hey, #ejbabes and welcome back to our blog!

This post is all about autumn trends for 2018 and how to style them. We came across these trends in Vogue. Although we don't usually follow trends or fads and prefer staying true to our own personal style, a lot of these trends can be so easily applied to most outfits with pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe; plus, quite a lot of the styling ideas incorporate basics and pieces from previous seasons. By the end of this post, you'll be ready to take on fall in style.

We really hope you love the tips - let's get into it.

Animal Print Outfit | Leopard Print Skirt

Source: Pinterest

1. Animal Print

Animal print is a trend that already seems to be everywhere at the moment: from leopard to snakeskin to zebra print. It can be pretty tricky to style animal print pieces so here's one way you can incorporate the trend into a very casual, comfortable outfit.

Style Notes

Style a band T-shirt tied up at the front with a leopard print skirt. Our favorite way to wear animal prints is on a skirt. Tying the T-shirt up dresses down the look and makes it more casual. You could even throw a leather jacket over your shoulders as the weather gets colder and wear a pair of tights too. Finish off the look with some trainers.


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Metallic Hues Outfit | Silver Pleated Skirt

Source: Pinterest

2. Metallic Hues

Metallic pieces are all the rage right now, especially in silver; silver seems to be the hue most brands are focusing on.

Style Notes

Mix some of the trends together. Pair a leather jacket (leather is a huge trend too) with a white T-shirt and a metallic skirt. Pleated pieces are another popular trend for autumn so how about combining the two trends with a metallic, pleated skirt? Add some trainers to complete the look.

Leather Outfit | Red Faux Leather Skirt

Source: Pinterest

3. Leather

Leather is a huge trend for autumn especially in the form of leather dresses, but they're not the most comfortable pieces to wear every day.

Style Notes

Including a leather jacket into your look is a great way to follow the trend. For a more dressed up look, try styling a tied up slogan T-shirt with a faux leather midi skirt. This look would be great for a night out with a pair of heels. Opting for faux leather is an excellent idea because it's affordable, cruelty-free and an easy way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. To change things up opt for a red shade of faux leather. Bonus: red seems to be a really prominent color for autumn this year.

However, nothing is stopping you from wearing a plain black leather skirt with a band T-shirt and a pair of tights. You'll love this look and are bound to see it in many fall lookbooks this year.

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Silk & Satin Outfit | Satin Shirt

Source: Pinterest

4. Satin & Silk

Silk is another trend this autumn, but if it’s out of your price range, satin is a great alternative. When you first think of satin, your first thought might be that it’s quite a formal fabric, but actually, it’s so easy to dress down for an everyday look.

Style Notes

Opt for a satin shirt in a beautiful pearlescent color (this color will make the piece look a lot more luxurious). Pair with a black lace cami underneath and some ripped knee jeans. Again, you can throw a leather jacket over your shoulders and wear a pair of chic trainers to complete the outfit. It is so easy to dress down a satin shirt!

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Tweed & Check Print Outfit | Check Print Skirt

Source: Pinterest

5. Tweed & Check Print

Tweed and check print is a trend we're very excited about and have fallen in love; these prints are super wearable and easy to style.

Style Notes

Style a tweed blazer with a plain black cropped T-shirt and a faux leather skirt. Metallic was mentioned earlier as another significant trend so with this look you could opt for a pair of statement gold brogues for a pop of color. When the weather gets colder, you could easily add some tights to this look for extra warmth.

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Capes Outfit | Camel Cape

Source: Pinterest

6. Capes

This trend is SO easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe. You'll be wondering why you didn't add a cape to your collection sooner.

Style Notes

For this trend, you could wear a camel colored cape with a black long sleeve T-shirt and a pair of ripped knee jeans. The cape will instantly dress up your look and add an air of class to any simple outfit. You could easily add a pair of heels to this outfit or opt for some comfy trainers for an everyday look.
Another style of cape trending right now are fluffy capes; they are just so cozy and cute - perfect for autumn!

We really hope that you've enjoyed this post and now feel ready to revamp your fall closet.

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Have an amazing day!

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